We had a barren mess for a backyard.  Then we met Kate.  Now we have a beautiful oasis. 

It was actually more involved than that, but Kate made it seem easy.  She first produced a design that was almost perfect.  Then she worked with us to make adjustments that incorporated ideas we imagined but were not able to express clearly.  She’s like that, able to enumerate ideas capturing the essence of what you are imaging.  She also knows plants and color.  She took several trips to nurseries to show us what she had in mind.  She very much included us in the decision-making process, but in the end we relied heavily on her judgement.  We are glad we did.  Finally, she stays in touch.  We were in constant contact with her my email as she monitored our opinions and kept us fully informed about the process.

Kate is creative, a good communicator, responsive, easy to work with and honest.  She’s also very good at staying on budget.  If that is what you are looking for in a designer, give her a call.

Michael H