What We Do That Makes Us One of the Top Landscape Companies in Los Angeles

Kate Anne Designs is a turn-key Landscape Design + Build Company that takes you from your budget-managed design through to a beautifully completed installation, with your peace of mind intact. Ryan and Kate have a combined 30-plus years of design + build experience, bringing you the highest quality design and installation results that blend seamlessly together. 

Kate Anne Designs is a licensed, bonded & insured Landscape Company. CA CONTRACTOR LIC #1018758


  • Initial Design Consultation.
  • We supply a bid for the Design Phase.
  • Sign-up of the Design phase.
  • Your design is created over 2-4 weeks, with respect to your budget.
  • Permitting Phase, only when needed for permitted scopes.
  • We supply an Installation Bid for your project upon completion of design.
  • We project manage & build your dream yard.
  • Final walk-through to better educate you on maintaining your new yard.
  • Mai Tai Party.

See below for a complete view of our process.


Design Through Completion

After hard-won experience and a slightly unhealthy penchant for organization, we have distilled our process into an efficient sequence. This process is meant to give you the control and prediction over your project that seems to have been the missing link and is the holy grail of construction. By you knowing the detailed steps of your landscape project, you won’t find yourself caught off-guard by unexpected costs or procedures. You’ll know exactly what to expect the whole way through and can always refer back to this standardized sequence if you want to refresh yourself of where your project is in the process.

Having this set sequence is what makes Kate Anne Designs one of the leading landscape companies in Los Angeles. Not only do our clients know what to expect, but so do we. We don’t leave our design and build process up to guesswork; we follow these steps for every project, catering them in detailed ways to fulfill the unique needs of our clients.

By working with one of the best landscape companies Los Angeles CA has to offer, you can expect this tried-and-true sequence for your project:



Peace of mind

I – Initial Design Consultation

We come meet with you at your property and really get a thorough feel for what it is you would like to achieve with your project, the problems you’d like to solve and the financial/time constraints you have to work with, so that we can quote a design service that is form-fitted to your unique project.

II – We supply a bid for the full Schematic Design Phase

The design comprises two phases, the first of which is the Schematic Design Phase. Following the Schematic Design Phase will be the Construction Plans / Permit Plans phase in which any scopes requiring construction plans, engineering plans, and city permit plan submissions are completed. That scope of that second phase is wholly dependent on the final scope laid out during the first Schematic Design Phase, and as such, is quoted separately as the step following the Schematic Design.

III – Sign-up of the Schematic Design phase

We receive the signed proposal and design deposit from you, then we get to work!

IV – Your Schematic Design is created over the next 2-4 weeks

This is where our creative juices start flowing! It all starts with measuring and drawing your existing property in our 2-dimensional design program, AutoCAD, to create a base sheet to design with. With that in hand, we compile an initial design layout plan based on all of the project inspirations, requirements and budget constraints discussed during the Initial Design Consultation. We take that initial proposed design plan, sit down with you and massage the design layout into something that perfectly meets your design, functionality and budget requirements. We typically hit the nail on the head with only minor adjustments needed after the initial meeting about 90% of the time. However our job is to provide a design that works for YOU, and we will make any adjustments so that it does. Some designers need to “leave their mark” and unfortunately make their clients adjust to THEIR design, but that is just not how we work. After all, it is you that will be living in and enjoying your yard for years to come. With that final design layout in hand, we then specify all of the plantings, landscape lighting, and hardscape finishes, complete with physical samples for you to touch and feel.

V – We supply a bid for the Development Plan Phase (as needed)

If any of the scopes incorporated into the Schematic Design require Construction Plans, Structural Engineering, City Permit Plans / Plan Check Approval, or HOA Approval, we then quote you for the exact work required to do so.

Some types of scope that can require this are:

  • Decking
  • Trellis structures
  • BBQ islands
  • Water/fire features
  • Involved hardscape features.

VI – Development Plan Phase execution

We produce any detailed construction plans needed, such as for a BBQ island, a deck, trellis, etc. If an engineer is involved, such as with a trellis and some deck designs, we get him to complete his work in accordance with our design. If City Permit Plans and City Plan Check are needed, we submit the completed plans to the City, and get the approval to execute the project. If HOA approval is needed, we work with you so that you can obtain your HOA’s approval on the design.

VII – We supply an Installation Bid for your project

With the complete Schematic Design, Construction Plans and Permit Plan Check Approval (if needed), we have our exact detailed marching orders. As such, we can provide you with a very accurate Installation Bid so as to minimize unforeseen project expenses. The more detailed the design and planning that is done for a project, the more predictable your project and budget and schedule will be, and the fewer glasses of wine you’ll have to drink to get you through the project. We could take the “easy route” that is so common in the industry, and shortcut the standard design and planning process, but then you as the home owner would either receive an inflated “padded” bid to cover the lack of detailed planning, or you would receive a recurring list of Change Orders to account for factors not planned for. We wouldn’t want that as home owners, and we don’t think you would either.

VIII – We project manage & build your dream yard

We now take off our “Design Hat” and put on our “Project Manager Hat”. In truth, we never really take off our Design Hat, as we project manage the entire project from a Designer’s point of view throughout. So often we see the Designer and Contractor pointing fingers at eachother with the Homeowner left in the lurch. In the old days, an Architect truly reflected the definition of Architect which is “A master builder.” There was no dividing chasm between the Project Designer (Architect) and the builder (GC). In the age of the “quick buck” we feel that old art of the wholly responsible designer has been lost. We bring that back in the way we manage our projects. We are your single point of contact from the beginning of design, through project budgeting, installation and full completion.

IX – Final walk-through to better educate you on maintaining your new yard

There is much more to just handing you a completed yard and walking away. Now you have living, breathing entity that requires particular care to keep it healthy and flourishing for years to come. We like to do a thorough job of “passing the torch” so that you and your landscape maintenance provider know exactly how to take care of your new yard and so continue to maximize your enjoyment of it.

X – Mai Tai Party.

This is where you do your little happy dance and breathe out a sigh of relief, all while kicking back in your lounge chair and taking in the beauty of your new yard.