Impeccable taste, trustworthy, time efficient, and purely kind people. This was our first time completely re-doing our backyard and we wanted to make sure we found the best team for the project. We spoke to different landscapers and also came to Yelp to see who you all thought was the best.

Immediately after meeting Ryan, we knew no one else came up to par! He’s truly a warm, talented and intelligent person. He really knows the ins and outs of creating the best bone structure for your landscape. He was very detailed in explaining the breakdown of our project. If we had any questions, Ryan always made himself available to us which resulted in no surprises! You can really trust that he will have your best interest at heart! Now the company is called Kate Anne Designs and for good reason – Kate is the ultimate plant guru. She knew which gorgeous plants would survive with less maintenance and which flowers would flourish with regards to our sun exposure. She has a great eye for what works together and if you let her work her magic, you’ll be deeply satisfied with the result.

We are extremely happy with the result of our backyard. Special thanks to the amazing in-house contracting team who worked so effectively to create such a beautiful landscape. We used to just look at the backyard from inside our kitchen window – but now we go outside to relax a couple times a week! Thank you, Ryan and Kate, for designing a space where my family can enjoy the Southern California sunshine while creating everlasting memories. We’re grateful to have met you both and your whole team.

Sarah C