Almost everyone has that one part of the house that never gets used.  For us, it was always the backyard.  However, after years of avoiding the dead grass and concrete that made up our backyard, we finally decided to do something about it.

Enter Ryan and Kate.  

We had a vague idea about what we wanted.  Lights.  Grass.  A space that can be functional and aesthetically appealing.  Ryan and Kate took it from there.  They had a vision.  They drew up plans.  And it was all so much better than we could have dreamed up ourselves.

More importantly, they made the entire process effortless, taking care of permits and third-party contractors, and any other obstacle that came our way.  Ryan was constantly e-mailing, checking in, making sure we always knew where things were at and what was going on.  Kate would regularly send us photos of plants and greenery she was considering, walking us through the differences when it all looked the same to us.  

Before we knew it, the work was done.  Or so we thought.  The two of them were so fastidious with details, they were unable to consider the job truly finished until they were satisfied that everything was…perfect. 

And it was.  Ryan and Kate absolutely transformed our backyard.  It was like one of those HGTV home makeover shows.  Complete with a deck, pergola, lights, grass, flowers, and benches…the back of our house went from an area we warned our kids to stay away from, to an outdoor living space where we now spend a majority of our time.  

We couldn’t recommend Ryan and Kate strongly enough.  They are visionaries.  Professionals.  OCD-like in their attention to details.  And now that we’ve had time to enjoy the fruits of their labor, we’re strongly considering redoing the front yard.  

There’s no question as to who we’ll call.

Amy S